Aspiritech in Inc. Magazine (10/11/17)

Inc. Magazine talks about Aspiritech in "Unexpected Entrepreneurs" Aspiritech was featured on the Inc. Magazine website:

Anthony Pease has always had a penchant for puzzles. Brain teasersRubik’s cubeSudoku — You name it, he can solve it.

“I like the complicated stuff, the eureka moments,” says Pease, 20, whose eureka moments now come from solving clients’ complex software problems. He’s a Software Quality Assurance Analyst for Aspiritech, a software testing firm in Chicago.

“It’s like a puzzle,” Pease explains, describing the meticulous process he uses to identify software glitches and help clients resolve them. His technical ability, precision and affinity for repetitive tasks are a perfect fit for the job.

The article quotes Harvard Business School Professor Gary Pisano: “If you think about it, it makes no sense to systematically screen out talented people from your organization who can contribute in real ways, just because they do not fit a pre-determined mold.” But that mold is beginning to crack, he says, as more businesses realize the value of neurodiversity–people whose brains function differently–in the workplace.

In addition to Aspiritech, the article also profiles Spectrum Designs, a customized apparel company, and Rising Tide Car Wash in Florida.

The article highlights the growing support for neurodiverse workplaces from foundations and think tanks around the globe.

The University of Miami recently announced “Awakening the Autism Entrepreneur,” a $510,000 annual grant to help autism-focused businesses get off the ground.

Even the United Nations is promoting autism awareness in the workplace.

Dr. Hackie Reitman, a surgeon who started, travels the country meeting with people interested in starting neurodiverse businesses.

“We all have different brains,” he says. “No one deserves to be on the sidelines.”

Elisa Boxer, Inc. Columnist: “Unexpected Entrepreneurs: Parents Looking to Help Their Autistic Children Land Jobs Find Themselves Launching Businesses Instead.” From Inc. magazine, October 11, 2017.

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