Case Studies

Case Study: Promantek

Client Profile

Promantek was founded in 2001 in response to a growing business demand for web-based human resource and performance management solutions . Since that time, Promantek has become a respected global performance management company providing professional management software and consulting services on a global basis across multiple industries.

Services Provided

Aspiritech performed a variety of testing services including: Regression Testing, Integration Testing, Functionality Testing and User Acceptance Testing. Aspiritech provided this complete range of QA services without being given test cases.

Value Delivered

The Aspiritech team quickly and seamlessly developed a meaningful understanding of the software functionality. They developed effective test cases that enabled them to detect many more bugs than had initially been expected. Moreover, the Aspiritech reporting and documentation protocol enabled our client to easily track the progress of the testing team. As a result, the Promantek team was able to gain an enhanced understanding of, and increased confidence in, the tested software. The quality of Aspiritech’s work, and the timelines and professionalism of the service delivery has led Promantek to engage Aspiritech services on a regular basis.


“The Aspiritech testers are a solid addition to any team. Having them join my project was like unleashing a herd upon my software. We discovered many critical issues day one and they continue to provide value on a daily basis. Creating amazing software is all about building the right software team. I'm sure my experience is not unique. Finding stellar testers much less teams is elusive. It's tough to find people with the right potential, talent, abilities and heart . . . focused on testing. Aspiritech has got it.”

Ken Everett
VP Engineering, Promantek Inc.


Case Study: Appointlink

Client Profile

Appointlink has been developing solutions that help organizations communicate and collaborate since 2004. It created MyLaw, a first-of-its-kind communications platform designed exclusively for law schools. It also provides ongoing product maintenance and technical support service helps to ensure proper maintenance, security and performance. Its products and services are currently used by more than 30 leading law schools throughout the US.

Services Provided

Aspiritech did regression testing on multiple builds. Aspiritech also wrote the test scripts and test cases according to the specification documents and the existing application. As a result of Aspiritech’s effort, Appointlink had a fully updated and completed set of scripts and test cases.

Value Delivered

Aspiritech detected a large number of issues in the program which helped shape subsequent development efforts. The Aspiritech approach discovered many issues including subtle undetected ones. The complex test cases that Aspiritech developed allows for quicker testing of new releases. As a result of ongoing interaction, Appointlink and Aspiritech have developed crisp and effective communications, resulting in increased effectiveness the development process.


Appointlink recommends Aspiritech and is happy to be a reference on request. To date Aspiritech has completed projects for Appointlink and we are their only QA provider.


“Aspiritech’s ability to scale their testing effort allows us quicker turnaround on our builds. We believe this is a strategic advantage.”

Peter Zdrodowski
CTO, AppointLink